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Hiking With a Formula-Fed Baby

Before baby, heading out for activity was easy-peasy. For a run of less than 10 miles I only needed my shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather. I often took my iPod and almost always wore a heart rate monitor, … Continue reading

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Catching Up: The Arrival of Adventure Baby!!

After much sitting and waiting, Adventure Baby arrived on March 30, 2013. What follows is a birth story I originally wrote as a note on my iPhone a few nights later when the only way she would sleep was on … Continue reading

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Following Your Gut and Challenging Your Doctors

This post is going to veer way off the usual adventure theme. As discussed in my last post, we had some adventures of a different kind – threatened preterm labor and two separate trips to labor and delivery at 33 … Continue reading

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Curve Balls

Or, when things don’t go as planned. Hi there, sorry for the long hiatus. Life got busy – or busier, as the case may be. As it turns out, though, life is now slowing way down, though not necessarily by … Continue reading

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On Skiing While Pregnant

Winter came and I couldn’t take it – I had to ski. We’ve been out twice now and I have some thoughts/observations to share. You may remember that I was having trouble deciding if skiing (the cross-country variety) was a … Continue reading

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2012 In Review

All the blogs I read are popping up with “year in review” posts, so I might as well get around to that, also. This is a tough one for me. Overall it’s been a fantastic year with a lot of … Continue reading

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Gear Review: Ruff Wear Bark’n Boots Grip Trex

We’ve had our eye on these boots for the past five years or so (even though it doesn’t seem like Trail Dog is old enough for that to be possible), but were never convinced in our old location that she … Continue reading

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