Curve Balls

Or, when things don’t go as planned.

Hi there, sorry for the long hiatus. Life got busy – or busier, as the case may be. As it turns out, though, life is now slowing way down, though not necessarily by choice.

Throughout most of the third trimester, which hasn’t been that long really, I’ve had this fear that Adventure Baby would try to come early. Right after Christmas I insisted that we order her car seat and stroller, and a few weeks later we ordered the Pack n Play she’ll be sleeping in for the first few months.

Last Wednesday we found a new, bigger house to move into when this lease is up at the end of June – and it has heat! Thursday the Pack n Play arrived and I put it together. All week I’d been having some stomach discomfort and I was growing uneasy, concerned that Adventure Baby really might make an early appearance. We went in for my 32 week appointment that day (actually nearly 33 weeks) and the doctor was entirely unconcerned by my symptoms.

Friday morning I taught my class. I had some discomfort while lecturing but I thought it was just big movements – she’s been doing those a lot lately and sometimes it’s quite a bit…less than comfortable. The discomfort continued after class and shortly after 11 I decided to sit in the recliner in my office and read.

A couple minutes later, I felt what I was pretty sure was a contraction. Timed it just in case…and felt another one. Two minutes later. Somewhat alarmed, I set my book aside and continued timing. And they continued coming every two minutes, practically down to the second. After about half an hour of that I walked down to a friend’s office (she’s also pregnant) and asked her to feel my belly. She agreed they were contractions and I called the doctor. Naturally all of the doctors had just gone out to lunch, but the nurse asked me to come in at 12:45 to be monitored.

I was monitored at the doctor’s office for about 30 min and found to be having real, regular contractions 2 minutes apart. When the doctor got back from lunch, she checked and found that I was not dilated but was 50% effaced. Off to the hospital we went.

Once at the hospital I was hooked up to fetal monitors and an IV was placed. They gave me two doses of Procardia 90 min apart to try to stop contractions and checked again and found that I had dilated to 1 cm and was 70% effaced…progress we had not hoped to see. They started talking about flying me to Denver because this hospital isn’t equipped to deal with such wee babes, and I started to cry. Thankfully, a third dose of Procardia finally slowed the contractions and dilation didn’t proceed any further. They continued to monitor me until about lunch time on Saturday, on Procardia every 4 hours, and the contractions were finally gone. At 4 PM, after a second shot of steroids to help Adventure Baby’s lungs mature, we were sent home.

I’m still on Procardia every 4 hours and now on modified bed rest – I can go to campus 3x/week to teach my class, go to the doctor, and stand up long enough to do things like make a sandwich, but that’s all. Adventure Baby is staying in there for the time being and we’re hoping we can at least stretch this 3 more weeks.

So, my adventures are now of the couch variety. Guess it just goes to show that even with careful attention to prenatal health and remaining active, things can and do still go wrong. They couldn’t find a reason for my “threatened preterm labor” and this scientist doesn’t appreciate not knowing why, but it is what it is. And it’s all going to be worth it to cook a healthy little girl a little bit longer.

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