Thanksgiving: Wyoming Style

We haven’t always gotten out of town to see family for Thanksgiving, even when we lived closer. Now that we live several-days drive from any family, getting together with them just wasn’t an option for this year.  So, we started working on our own family traditions.

Classes were held on Monday and Tuesday and I although I only taught on Monday, I had administrative things to finish Tuesday that kept me quite busy.  Wednesday Adventure Guy had to work, so I spent most of the day at home doing delightful things like cleaning and watching TV. I don’t even like cleaning, but it was just heavenly knowing I had so many days off ahead of me. Trail dog and I did hit the trails for a short hike all by ourselves, but I was a little more tired than usual. Attributing that to baby fatigue, we kept it to about an hour.

Thursday we took over dog-sitting for Trail Dog’s BFF, but not before our new traditional Thanksgiving breakfast of french toast – yum. After breakfast we headed out to pick up the extra dog and took off for the mountains.

Trail Dog and her local BFF

The plan for the day was to find some snow to hike in, so we went to the Snowies where the elevation is a little higher and there’s been a little more snowfall.  It was windy and I had trouble deciding what to wear, especially when nothing fits right. We went to Sierra Trading Post on Tuesday afternoon and I managed to find a Mountain Hardwear PowerStretch-like fleece in an XL that I think might actually fit through this whole pregnancy, so I settled on wearing that with a windproof running jacket on top and maternity leggings + some windproof Eddie Bauer pants I bought several years ago on the bottom. It went alright, besides how tricky it was to zip the running jacket over the still-bulky fleece. As an afterthought I threw on a North Face insulated jacket for the ride.

I was glad for that insulated jacket when Adventure Guy announced he wanted to drive up to Lake Marie and check out the snow above treeline.  It was beautiful so of course I had to get out of the car and take pictures, but holy wind.  Doesn’t matter, the views were worth it.   The snow’s probably knee-deep up there and supposedly prime for backcountry skiing. Take face protection if you’re going up there, though!

Once we were done gazing at the peak and shielding our faces from the wind we piled back in the car and headed down the mountain to a trail at about 8700-8800 feet for our hike. Most of the trail was snow-covered, but not enough for snowshoeing yet. Again we hiked for a little more than an hour.

Trail dog is always very focused when we head out on our adventures.  The extra dog? Not so much. She wove back and forth across the trail and got side-tracked constantly, but we made it without any mishaps. Trail Dog looked at her on several occasions like she didn’t get what the problem was, but she put up with it.  All in all we had a nice outing.

After our hike we headed home and spent some time trying to get the dogs to calm down. This house is small and was tricky with two big dogs, especially when the guest clearly remembered that she used to live here. Eventually we got them calmed down and progressed with our Thanksgiving day.  I made a pumpkin pie (no sugar added!) for Adventure Guy and took an obligatory afternoon nap. Yep – totally wiped out. For our vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner we wound up having potato and cheddar quiche, a dish that was so good I’ll have to stop myself from making it every single week from now until the end of time, lest Adventure Guy get tired of it.  But really, it was good. That night we just hung out at home with the dogs and enjoyed having nothing to do.

Friday I woke up sick. Sore throat, exhausted, cough…it was awful. Not wanting to spend the day just sitting around but not feeling up to doing anything outdoors, we wound up going shopping. Adventure Baby seriously made out with lots of little outfits thanks to the Black Friday sales, but she’s the only one in the family who got anything.

Saturday I felt even worse and spent most of the day on the couch watching movies. Adventure Guy worked and I did go out and visit his shop for a while, but otherwise we didn’t do anything. We had plans with friends to do breakfast and more adventuring Sunday, but had to bail on the adventures. Just as well, I guess. Monday I finally broke down and went to see the doctor after I could barely stand to teach my class. The sore throat had pretty much passed and settled nicely as a cough in my chest, but I had a positive strep test. Left with antibiotics and an inhaler for the breathing issues. I’m home from work for another day today and feeling like at least the inhaler is having a little bit of an effect.

Not exactly the adventure-packed weekend we had hoped for, but we did alright. Hopefully some good rest now will mean more adventures in the coming weeks!

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