Gear Review: Mountain Mama Maternity Lassen Hooded Maternity Jacket


Finding good maternity gear for a real mountain winter has been a challenge.  I’m only 21 weeks at this point so I can still stuff myself into at least some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and I can wear some of Adventure Guy’s things, but length is a problem. I’m long to begin with, so taking some of the length away in favor of covering the ever-growing belly has been a challenge. Two-way zippers have been a life saver, though they do leave my belly more exposed to our ever-present wind.

I look a little more ridiculous every time we head out. Preggo belly sticking out of a running jacket (not the Lassen) at 21 weeks thanks to a two-way zipper.

Enter the Mountain Mama Maternity Lassen Hooded Maternity Jacket.  I’ve been lusting over this jacket ever since I first found it and told myself I could order it in November.  If memory serves, I ordered it on either 11/10 or 11/11, it shipped promptly on Monday the 12th and arrived happily on our doorstep on Friday the 16th, so I’m very pleased with the ordering and shipping process.

Several of the reviews on the Mountain Mama site suggested that the jacket ran a bit small so I ordered a size up (large as opposed to my usual pre-pregnancy medium). This was a good call as the sleeves are a little bit on the snug side, and the large provides a little more room for layering underneath the jacket while not looking saggy or baggy anywhere. One thing I love is that the Polartec PowerStretch fabric means that the jacket fits my 21-week self well and clearly has plenty of room to stretch to accommodate a much larger belly – I’m confident this jacket will last through my entire pregnancy. The hood is a nice size and stays on my head nicely on windy days, even without a mechanism to cinch it down.

The biggest bonus for tall ladies like me? The sleeves are actually long! Generally when I buy something that has thumb holes I assume that means the sleeves will be long enough for me, but I’ll never use the thumb holes. This jacket accommodates my go-go-Gadget arms well and is long enough for me to use the thumb holes – score!

While I haven’t yet tried exercising in the Lassen I think it’s going to work out quite well.  PowerStretch and I have a long happy history on the cross-country ski trails and I expect no less from this item than all those I’ve been so happy with in the past.

Honestly I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this jacket. The price seems steep for maternity clothes that will only be worn for a short time, but now that I actually have the jacket in my possession I think it’s very possible I’ll be able to continue wearing it after pregnancy. I do wish this jacket were more wind-proof than it is, but anyone living in a state other than Windy Wyoming probably won’t have much trouble with that.

Overall, I’m thrilled with this purchase and I suspect that pretty much the entire Mountain Mama line will end up on the list of Christmas suggestions my mom asks for every year.

UPDATE 12/20/12:
I finally got the chance to wear my Lassen jacket out for exercise today! It’s been cold the last few days – temps in the single digits with real Wyoming wind leading to wind chills in the negatives. Tuesday night into Wednesday we got about 6″ of snow in town and rumor had it the mountain got a few inches more and trails would be groomed for nordic skiing. Unfortunately, the temp dropped so far over night we thought the skiing would suck. Doesn’t stop snowshoeing, though! We waited out the blizzard warning this morning and tooled around until the interstate and mountain road were open again, and then headed up.  Trail Dog has a new pair of boots, which I’ll review in another post.

With the wind chill hanging right around zero, I decided to try my Lassen jacket on top of a Patagonia Capilene 4 1/2 zip, a long sleeved First Ascent tech tee (I don’t know the name of it!), and a tech tank top, with Eddie Bauer bootcut powerstretch pants on the bottom. Perfect. I could not have been happier with the Lassen today. Without the layers underneath it definitely would not have been enough for the wind, but as it was, I was sufficiently warm. As a bonus, I didn’t get the swampy feeling I sometimes get when I heat up inside a wind proof jacket.

We were only out for about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, since Trail Dog needs to get used to her boots, but it was great.

I wasn't quite as cold as I looked. Here's the Lassen jacket modeled at almost 26 weeks.

I wasn’t quite as cold as I looked. Here’s the Lassen jacket modeled at almost 26 weeks.

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