Getting Ready for Baby

Lately our lives have pretty much revolved around preparing to welcome a new little person into our family.  Yesterday we went for our 20-week ultrasound and learned that our new family member will be a little girl. So, let the shopping begin!

Shopping for baby gear is overwhelming. I mean really overwhelming. There are so many choices for car seats, strollers, cribs…everything. We know that we don’t want a bunch of girly gear, partly because we aren’t into frilly and partly because we might want to re-use this stuff again. Hubs says we have too many things that are brown, though…

And then there are bottles. Our baby will be formula fed for reasons I’d rather not get into right now, but the decision is made, trust me. That means we’re going to need bottles and lots of them, right from the beginning. My wallet wants the plain old Evenflo glass bottles to be perfect – inexpensive and BPA-free. The already neurotic parent in me wonders if we need something fancier, like Dr. Brown’s.

Mostly, I just want March 31st (or thereabouts) to come already. I want to meet our little girl and see who she looks like, who she acts like. She spent a lot of the ultrasound with her little arm across her face – will she do that when she’s here? Will it be an exasperated “Oh, MO-OM!” or a cute sleeping thing? Does she suck her thumb? Is she going to have long legs like me? What color will her hair and eyes be? Will she pout like her dad does, or like I do? Will she like the dog? Oh please, let her like the dog.

Also, I’d like to know how I’m supposed to work with all these baby things on my mind!

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Baby

  1. Isis the Scientist says:

    The Dr Browns are a pain in the ass and I never found them to be any better than the glass ones, which are GREAT!

    My only problem with them is that, now that my daughter is older, she drops them to the ground with more force and distance and they break. Even that’s not a huge deal because she’s transitioning to cups anyway. Short of it is, go glass over Dr Browns.

    • Allez says:

      Thank you!! We’ll worry about the dropping and breaking when she’s a little older…maybe some silicone sleeves or something.

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