About Us…


Welcome to our little home on the web. I’m not really sure where to start, so let’s start with the basics.
Our family is currently 2 adult humans and 1 6 year-old dog. They tell me that’s adult, but I don’t know. We’re also cooking a baby human who is scheduled to be fully baked at the end of March. We’ve moved around a little, hubs more than me. He did the mountain thing for several years while I unknowingly hung out on the east coast (I mean I knew where I was, but not about mountain wonderfulness). Then we spent some time together in the Southeast and then more time in the Midwest, where I finally learned to Love (yes, capital L) winter.

Two things happened: 1) I fell in love with winter; 2) I visited Seattle and became entirely mesmerized by big mountains…especially Mt. Rainier. Then, as I was finishing up my PhD a job opened up in the mountains and I couldn’t resist applying. Half way through the first day of the interview, even after my plane couldn’t land due to high winds and I got rerouted to a town I’d never heard of, I knew I wanted the job. Fortunately they liked me too, and hubs and I prepared to move out west.

So we headed westward in August 2012, having just found out a week before that we had a little one on the way.

It took a while to get this blog going, but it’s going. These are our adventures.



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